Saturday, June 7, 2014

Closing Ceremony

The previous post listed all our final results - total minutes read, top readers, raffle prize winners and winner of the kiss the cow vote - all of which were celebrated at the Closing Ceremony of our Read-a-thon on Thursday, June 5th at the All School Meeting.  Below are some photos taken at the Closing Ceremony.

 Top readers in each grade with School Librarian Holly Esterline and Principal Susan Stewart:
Top reader for Kindergarten - Nathan Lester

 Top reader for Grade 1 - Hazel Guillmette

Top reader for Grade 2 - Ian Funke 

Top reader for Grade 3 - Norman Benoit 

Top reader for Grade 4 - Txuxa Konczal 

Top reader for Grade 5 - Sierra Petrocelli 

Top reader for Grade 6 - Peter McNerney 

Top reader for the teacher’s “classroom” - Ms. Way!

Teacher and staff volunteers for kissing the cow wait with anticipation to hear the voting results! 

Principal Ms. Stewart received the most votes to kiss the cow! 

Runner-ups also give the cow a kiss - Miss Carina 

…and also runner-up Ms. Yerrick 

 We are appreciative for the Layn family for sharing their calf with us.

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