Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 3 results - 74,086 total minutes read so far!

Week 3 results are in! We have had an astounding 74,086 total minutes read by students so far! 

This week, we had 16 new students achieve "Mountain Lion Reader” status by meeting their individual goals of 450 minutes for students grades K-2, 600 minutes for students grades 3-4, and 900 minutes for students grades 5-6. bringing our number of Mountain Lion Readers to a total of 27. These readers earn a vote in which teacher or staff member do something “out-of-the-world" during the Closing Ceremony on Thursday, April 7th.We will pass out the voting slips a day or two before the Closing Ceremony once we have a complete list of all the students who have completed their reading goals as Mountain Lion Readers.

COMING UP – Thursday, March 31st, will be our Author’s Visit by Jason Chin, a local VT author and illustrator, of the acclaimed books Gravity, Island: A Story of the GalapagosRedwoods and Coral Reefs.  Most recently, he illustrated Water is Water, by Miranda Paul. You can learn more by visiting his website: Holly has been in touch with him and working out the details of his visit.

Average Minutes/Students in Each Classroom thru the end of Week 3

Ms. Leggett- 232 minutes
Ms. Carter - 337 minutes
Ms. Livingston - 376 minutes
Ms. Way - 437 minutes
Ms. Foley - 617 minutes
Ms. McLane - 280 minutes
Ms. Gagner – 620 minutes
Ms. Pierpont - 550 minutes
Ms. Primo - 352 minutes

School-wide Average - 426 minutes

Highest rate of participation is Ms. Gagner's classrooms at 86% and Ms. Gagner’s classroom is the top classroom for Week 3.

Top Reader in Each Grade - Week 3
Kindergarten – Sophie Underwood
1st Grade – Jack Stratz
2nd Grade – Isla Underwood
3rd Grade – Whitney Dykstra
4th Grade – Desmond Carrico
5th Grade – Owen Kelliher
6th Grade – Kassidy Jay
Teachers - Ms. Cota

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