Sunday, April 5, 2015

Closing Ceremony

The previous post listed all our final results - total minutes read, top readers, raffle prize winners and winner of the teacher or staff to get splashed - all of which were celebrated at the Closing Ceremony of our Read-a-thon on Thursday, April 2nd at the All School Meeting. Below are some photos taken at the Closing Ceremony.  Scroll all the way to the end to see a video of all the splashing!

Graph in the hallway contained Week 4 average total reading minutes per classroom.  Our scuba divers reached the ceiling! 

 All our Mountain Lion Reader pawprints celebrating those students who met their individual month-long reading goals.
So many wonderful books that students were excited to read during the Read-a-thon. 

 Ms. Esterline as our MC for Closing Ceremony.
 Getting ready to reveal the results!
 "Splash" giving a flipper wave to the students.
 School-wide total minutes read by students, teachers and staff during the month.
 We raised over $3900...and as of now, it is over $4000 with some last minute donations coming in!

 Number of participants who turned in their reading logs at least once during the Read-a-thon.

 Number of students who achieved Mountain Lion Reader status for reaching their individual month-long reading goals.
 Top reader for 1st grade - Matthew
 Top reader for 2nd grade - Whitney
Top reader for 3rd grade- Sam

 Top reader for 4th grade - Norman
Top reader for 5th grade - Kassidy

 Top reader for 6th grade - Sarah

 Top reader for teachers and staff - Ms. Perlee
 Ms. Esterline preparing to call up the teacher and staff volunteers for getting splashed.

Our fearless volunteers!  Mr. Irish, Ms. Perlee, Ms. Livingston, Ms. Knox and Ms. Esterline. 

 Our 3rd place winner who got one bucket full - Mr. Irish
 Our 2nd place winner who got two buckets full - Ms. Knox
 And our first place winner is...Ms. Perlee!

Ms. Perlee's splash! 

 Hooray for Ms. Perlee!
Ms. Knox thanking everyone for all their hard work and support.


Click on the video above to see the splashing of Mr. Irish, Ms. Knox, and Ms. Perlee!

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