Friday, April 3, 2015

Final Results!

With our Read-a-thon theme, Make a Splash into Reading!, we hope that the time students spent reading was a journey that helped them explore new books and discover more about themselves and the world around them.

Our final tally of total minutes read was really impressive – 176,229 total minutes read by students, teachers, and staff in 30 days! We had 154 students, teachers, and staff participate by turning in reading logs at least once throughout the month and 94 students reached Mountain Lion Reader status (450 minutes for grades K-2, 600 minutes for grades 3-4, and 900 minutes for grades 5-6).

We also raised over $4000 for PTO activities such as trips to the Flynn Theater, classroom fieldtrips, providing after school enrichment opportunities, the World Language Program through Middlebury College, the Four Winds Nature Program, contributing toward programs such as the Artists in Residence, helping provide materials for classrooms and much more! 
Events such as Rock and Read week, Linda Urban’s author visit, Character Dress-up Day and Mystery Reader Week were all fun and celebrated the reading students had been doing.

Thanks to all the students for the many hours they put into reading, to the parents for encouraging their students, for the community for supporting through sponsor pledges, and for the teachers and staff for their engagement and enthusiasm! A special thanks to the Read-a-thon committee members:  Betsy Knox, Holly Esterline, Stephanie Murray, Casey Underwood and Anna Lester. A special thanks to parent volunteers such as Betsy Brown, John McNerney and Kristin Blanchette for help with tallying and counting.

Top readers – students who read the most cumulative minutes over the 30 days and received a $10 certificate to the Flying Pig Bookstore, Shelburne, VT
Kindergarten – Mason Stevens
Grade 1 – Matthew Broderick
Grade 2 – Whitney Dykstra
Grade 3 – Sam Mangini
Grade 4 – Norman Benoit
Grade 5 – Kassidy Jay
Grade 6 – Sarah Lavigne
Teacher – Ms. Perlee

Top Classroom with highest average minutes read and earned an ice cream party is Ms. Way’s 1/2 class!  They also had the highest participation at 100%.

Raffle Prizes

Recycled Reading, Bristol, VT - $5 Certificates

1. Andrew Lester
2. Lander Magoon
3. Cassandra Guillmette
4. Aubrey Coffey
5. Zachary Jackman
6. Sam Mangini
7. Sage Petrocelli
8. Isayah Isham
9. Riley Coffey
10. Isla Underwood
11. Patty McNerney
12. Siena Stanley
13. Ivy Schulette
14. Natalie Adams
15. Halle Perkins

Cookie Love T-shirt (North Ferrisburgh, VT) – Hailey Isham

Gift card to Cubbers, Bristol, VT – Reagn Mayhew

Lake Monster Tickets – Anni Funke

Passes to Whirley's World, Middlebury, VT
1. Addison Mayhew
2. Nell Harvey
3. Elizabeth Castro

Laser tag and bowling coupons to Sparetime, Colchester, VT
1. Grace Harvey
2. Halle Huizenga
3. Vivian King

Admission and equipment rental for four people to Skateland, Essex Junction, VT
1. Clark Crary

Day passes and equipment rental to Petra Cliffs, South Burlington, VT
1. Lily Roberts
2. Lily Benoit

Getting splashed!
For all the students who earned Mountain Lion Reader status, they got to vote on one of six teachers or staff members who volunteered to get splashed! The six volunteers were:
Ms. Livingston - 1/2 grade teacher
Ms. Knox - Principal
Ms. Yerrick - Math Support
Mr. Irish - Support Staff
Ms. Perlee - Support Staff
Ms. Esterline - School Librarian

And the 3rd place winner who got one bucket was Mr. Irish, the 2nd place winner who got two buckets was Ms. Knox, and the 3rd place winner who got three buckets was Ms. Perlee!

Photos from the Closing Ceremony will be up in the next post...

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