Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 2 Results

We had another wonderful week full of reading by students!  We have had an astounding 31,336 total minutes read by students and teachers so far!  A reminder that if your student forgot their log on Monday, if they bring it in next Monday, May 19th.  Every minute counts!  Also, if students have misplaced their reading logs, they can be downloaded and printed from this blogsite.  Just go to the "Forms" tab above and click on "Reading Log."  

It was also exciting to see twelve students already achieve their "Mountain Lion Reader" status by meeting their individual goals of 450 minutes for students grades K-3 and 600 minutes for students graders 4-6.  It is amazing that students have reached these month long goals in just the first 12 days!  Congratulations to these avid readers!

Also, a special recognition to Ms. Carter's class who had 100% of students in the class bring back their reading logs.  FANTASTIC job! 

We are happy to announce the average minutes/students in each classroom thru the end of week 2 and the top reader in each grade:

Average Minutes/Students in Each Classroom thru the end of Week 2
Ms. Leggett - 103 minutes
Ms. Carter - 234 minutes
Ms. Way - 242 minutes
Ms. Yerrick - 182 minutes
Ms. Foley - 173 minutes
Ms. Goetz - 301 minutes
Ms. McLane - 255 minutes
Ms. Gagner - 176 minutes
Ms. Pierpont - 97 minutes
Teachers - 339 minutes

School-wide Average - 201 minutes

Top Reader in Each Grade - Week 2
Kindergarten - Molly Mangini
1st Grade - Hazel Guillmette
2nd Grade - Elrick Jay
3rd Grade - Norman Benoit
4th Grade - Kassidy Jay
5th Grade - Christofer Wolak
6th Grade - Peter McNerney
Teachers - Ms. Way

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